Cincinnati Computer Repair specializes in repair of all models of cell phones, tablet, game systems and computers.

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    Cracked cell phone screen? Dropped your laptop? Water damaged? Yes we can fix all that problems for very reliable prices. You don’t beleive its true. Just give us a call or email us for our low prices and fast services.

    Hardware repairs

    – Replacement or repairs of cases, keyboards or glasses

    – Replacement of repair of screens (no image, cracked screen, lines on the screen)

    – Replacement or repair of touchscreen (not working, not properly reacting)

    – Replacement of the cell phone speakers, microphones (no or low sound, no ringer, etc)

    – Liquid damaged repairs

    – Recovery after dropping, damaging device (not turning on, turning off automatically, screen is not working correctly, bluetooth, wifi not working, not charging, low cell signal, etc)

    – Reballing and replacement of BGA chips

    Software Repairs

    Software recovery

    – Data recovery (contacts, photos, documents, messages, emails) from damaged devices

    – Transferring data from one device to another

    – Software updates

    – Unlocking, jailbreaking

    – any many other repairs.

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    You’ll know what’s wrong with your device – before you leave. Free estimates and diagnostic while you wait!